Together, we can achieve more.

Helping you practice and develop your virtual Design Sprint, Design Thinking, and creative innovation skills.

World-wide creative collaboration.

Our diverse global community welcomes creatives, professionals and collaboration enthusiasts from every walk of life.

As a community, we want to make a significant, positive difference to each other, our environment and to society.

Welcome to VDS Collective.

A diverse global community

We set out to grow a collective of Design Sprint, Design Thinking and Innovation enthusiasts, demonstrating that through virtual collaboration we can create a positive impact, putting people and planet first.

Empowering everyone

Welcoming members from around the world, we empower professionals to level up careers, business practices or purpose-drive through developing VDS Excellence.

VDS Excellence

We want to create opportunities to your develop VDS awareness, skills and practice-based experiences and leadership.

Accessible to all

We want to make the Design Sprint price-accessible to all by utilising our community and leveraging virtual collaboration capabilities.

For the Collective...

As VDS Collective we want to create impact and empower everyone to realise their full potential.

There is a curated portfolio of services, products and events. This portfolio creates opportunities for community members and non-members to develop their VDS excellence, level up their careers, and develop new business.

Practice all year

With the VDSC events calendar plus frequent community events, Collective members and non-members alike have the opportunity to practice their craft all year round. Participate in, facilitate, or lead VDS workshops, design challenges, Design Sprints, and more!

Connect worldwide

Through events, workshops, and hosted talks you can engage with a community of likeminded people worldwide. Welcome to your new network!


VDS Collective members (and non-members) are able to showcase their real-world experience and VDS excellence through level-based certification. Demonstrate your skills to your network, peer groups, and potential future employer!

VDSC Events

The VDS Collective events calendar is loaded with high-value workshops, meet-ups, and talks that anyone can attend.

Want to learn what's hot in innovation and the world of virtual work? Jump into one of the Virtual Trend Talks. If you're looking to boost your skills and level-up in your career, a VDSC practice session is for you.

Virtual Trend Talks

Gain insights on future innovation topics and join sessions with expert speakers from around the world.

"The Future of Work"
"The Future of Identity" more to come

Get Inspired

Practice Sessions

Develop your virtual Design Sprint skills in short interactive sessions with other participants.

Full Design Sprints
'Problem Framing' workshops
Lightning Decision Jams (LDJs)

Find a Session
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  • VDS Collective home on Mighty Networks: access to your virtual community 24/7
  • Weekly virtual coffee meetups with community members: meet new people and learn something, too!
  • Access to exclusive industry events and professional development sessions
  • Expert-facilitated learning and skill-practice workshops with specific activies, Q&A sessions

Plus much more to come in 2020 and beyond...

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